Harper B. Keenan is an educator, writer, and researcher. He is currently a doctoral candidate at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education. He will begin a postdoctoral fellowship in Leadership in Teacher Education with the Stanford Teacher Education Program in January 2019. 

Harper's primary goals as an academic are to help shape the teaching and learning of young children and their educators, and to shift public thinking about children and childhood. His research investigates how children are taught about the past and present social worlds. In particular, Harper's work examines the role of early formal learning experiences in (re)producing dominant ideology about topics like nationalism, gender, race, and violence. In thinking about curriculum, Harper seeks to engage young students in authentic social and historical inquiry that is rigorous and complex.

More broadly, Harper's research interests include curriculum studies, queer/trans pedagogies, history and social science education, critical pedagogy, elementary education, and teacher education.